Do your trees have deadwood?

Deadwood promotes rot, disease, possible insect infestation and should be removed.

Do your trees have “suckers” growing straight from the branches? 

Suckers spoil the appearance of the tree and should be removed.

Are your trees so thick that sunlight cannot penetrate the interior?

This is what often causes branches to die. Properly thinned trees allow light to reach the interior of the trees, creating an airy and open appearance.

Are your trees getting too big?

Trees often have the habit of outgrowing their original landscape design. Some trees can be reduced dramatically in size without harm.

Are your trees touching the house?

Trees will do substantial damage to a home if this condition continues.

Is tree work expensive? 

It depends. Many trees I look at do not need work and I tell this to the customer. I do not “manufacture” for. Some trees are more time consuming than others and are priced accordingly. All trees and shrubs are priced separately. Any or all work may be approved. 

Is it worth it to put money into trees and shrubs?

Trees and shrubbery are often worth more than people realize, sometimes even thousands of dollars. They are valuable outsets. Healthy, attractive, properly maintained landscapes enhance the value of one’s home.

Removals and stump grinding are also available.

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